"SCANNING WORLDS"                                                                                                                        -scan studies-



                        part1:   zoom +/-, based on docu-film "powers of ten"charles & ray eames, LA, california, 1977. (cfr menu: "caught by...")

                                    Scans of deep-frozen rabbits,  cut into slices. "scanning new worlds"      -set up of different flatbedscanners-


                           part 2:  the components recomposed into complete new species (3D-installation).

                                         related work: "body parts construction boxes"


                           part 3: human (in search of human material) 

-read the conceptual / technical info underneath every project-                                            

studies -variable dimensions-  

"postcard, voyage march 2014"                                  -installation with flatbedscanners-


                             "greetings from locuspoint...":   X:0030,447 / Y:0420,408 / Z:0450,009 -

                             (locus points as placemarks inside a rabbit's body, deep-frozen / sliced)


(scan studies)  <click to expand>

studies -variable dimensions-  

(scan studies)  <click to expand>

"SCANNING WORLDS"                                  <tools/concept/how it's made>

<tools>          > flatbedscanners

                       > deep-frozen, sliced rabbits (components)

                       > experimental drive + technical and compositional apprehension.





                     > concept: "scanning worlds", a research on "zooming-in"

                                         ("the powers of ten"- Charles&Ray Eames), the appearance

                                          of new worlds/ surfaces, scale switches, landscapes,...

                                         (cfr. holiday postcards: "greetings from locuspoint..."

                                         (locuspoints as placemarks in the rabbit's body/slices) 


                       -in search of human material-                                <evolving project>



                        >  used techniques:

                                 - rabbits,deep-frozen,cut into slices,scans.  (converted flatbed)

                                   - exploring/ experiencing scanning principles on organisms.






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