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artistic philosophy        think process, not product

                                    - research and experiment

                                    - DIY-developed "image-capturing techniques/ equipment  & toolbuilde

                                    - website= rather a "self-invention platform, than a "self-promotion" platform.

                                     experiments while shooting   /   no digital post processing   (photoshop)   applied

All experimental work takes root in a "think process, not product"-point of view. "Process", encouraged by experiments concerning a wide scale of image-capturing techniques. Keeping the "amateur-spirit" alive is extremely important!

-"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind, there are a few"- (Shunryu Suzuki).

This organic evolving website is rather a "self-invention" platform, than a "self-promotion" platform!  Weekly new projects, studies,...

Please, take your time to read the "concept / How it's made/..."-info at the bottom of each project-page!!!.

                                                 No photoshop adjustments are used!


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